• BREAKING: Shots Fired Inside Louisville Kentucky High School


    Shots have been fired inside of Fern Creek High School in Louisville, Kentucky. Police are inside of the building and students are being removed from the school. From The parent of one student talked with Renee and said her son called her when the shooting took place. The parent said her son heard the […]

  • Alkalize Your Body With This Delicious Green Smoothie

    green s

    If your body is too acidic, you can experience things like pain, weight gain, and tons of other health issues. But making your body more alkaline, the opposite of acidic, is pretty easy. It’s all a matter of eating the right foods! Let’s give this awesome alkalinity smoothie a try! You will need 1/2 of […]

  • Holy Cow! We Eat A Lot Of Sugar.


    So, which country eats the most sugar? It’s probably not the one you think. Refined sugar can be addictive and has been attributed to insomnia, dizziness, allergies, depression, disease, hypertension, hair loss, ADD/ADHD, skin breakouts, tooth decay, obesity, metabolic problems, cancer, and diabetes. And did you know: in 1900, the US consumed 5 pounds of […]

  • These Optical Illusions Will Give You The Sensation Of Tripping – Just For A Little While


    Psychedelics can give you some incredible insight into yourself and the world. But if you’re not up for an hours-long trip into the unknown or up for spending money on illegal substances, these rad optical illusions will trick your brain into feeling, well, pretty trippy. You may experience the effects a few moments after viewing […]

  • Woman Sent To Jail For A Month Because She Was Eating SpaghettiOs In Her Car


    Well if this isn’t the dumbest shit you’ve ever read. 23 year old Ashley Gabrielle Huff was just released from jail after spending more than a month there. Why was she arrested? Because the cops confused some leftover SpaghettiOs sauce on a spoon in her car for meth. The Gainesville Times reports that Huff was […]

  • Are You Expecting Soon? Is Your Birthday In October? Opal Is Your Birth Stone

    Fire Opal (polished)- Mexico 700

    Each month has a birth stone, and October’s is particularly beautiful: opal. Opal is deposited as a mineral gel and can be found in a wide variety of rock formations, including basalt, limonite, sandstone, and rhyolite. Australia is the primary source of opal, though it can be found in many places of the world. Opal […]

  • Fruits And Vegetables In Season For The Month Of October


    The best time to buy fruits and vegetables is when they’re in season. Admittedly, the pickins start to get a little slim once winter approaches, but Autumn still has a lot of delicious, fresh, and in season vegetables and fruits to choose from. Let’s head down the list: Apples, October Beans, July – October Blackberries, […]

  • This Is The Perfect Juice For You If You Don’t Have Time For Breakfast


    I’ll admit it, I don’t always have a bunch of time for breakfast. Sometimes I skip it all together, even though I know I shouldn’t. But this is one juice recipe that can make your morning a less hectic. One of the reasons I love blending and juicing is because it allows you to eat […]

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