• Researchers Want To Give MDMA, LSD Away For Free. Why?


    You may have read about a recent study that suggests psychedelic drugs like “magic mushrooms” and LSD don’t cause any kind of psychological or mental health harm. The authors want to take psychedelics a step further and give them away to people, entirely for free, as a therapeutic treatment In their study, Johansen and Krebs looked at […]

  • He Was Sentenced To Life In Prison For Marijuana, But Now A Bill Could Free Him

    Jeff Mizanskey is discussed a lot when considering the laws surrounding illegal marijuana. Why? Because 20 years ago, he was sentenced to live in prison for possessing seven pounds of marijuana. It was his third cannabis offense. Jeff and his son, Chris, have asked Governor Jay Nixon of Missouri for clemency, and Nixon has agreed […]

  • This Scientific Discovery Means Humanity Just Got A Lot Older


    This has been an interesting week for science. Not only have we been turning our gaze toward celestial bodies like Ganymede and Enceladon in our search for life elsewhere, a new discovery is telling us more about ourselves, humanity, and our shared history. Scientists have come closer to pinpointing the dawn of humankind in the Rift […]

  • NASA Quietly Tests Engine That Uses No Fuel And Violates The Laws Of Physics

    NASA has successfully tested a new space drive that doesn’t use a propellant and shouldn’t work, at least according to the laws of physics, according to a story that broke in Wired.UK. The drive, called the Cannae Drive, worked in the NASA directed test, defying physics. The Cannae Drive is based on the work of Roger […]

  • NASA Confirms The Presence Of An Ocean On Ganymede – Life Might Exist


    Yesterday we reported that scientists have found a warm liquid ocean under the surface of Enceladus, one of Saturn’s many moons. Today, NASA announced the presence of an ocean under the surface of Ganymede, Jupiter’s largest moon and the largest moon in the solar system. Aurorae spotted by the Hubble Space Telescope confirmed the theory and […]

  • Scientists Say Life Is Likely On Enceladus, Saturn’s Icy Moon


    Scientists have turned their attention to yet another celestial body in our solar system – Enceladus – as a potential site for life outside of the Earth. Scientists announced in a new study published in Nature that the icy moon of Saturn likely has an active hydrothermal system. That means that there is warm running water under […]

  • 8 Incredible Archaeological Finds That Probably Weren’t In Your History Textbooks


    1. The unfinished obelisk. For how long and complex human history is, it’s no big surprise to me that it would miss a few major places and events, right? Well we’ll help you fill in the gaps a bit. This obelisk was recently found in Aswan, Egypt, and was ordered to be constructed by Hatshepsut […]

  • Simpsons Co-Creator Dies At Age 59, But He Left Behind An Amazing Gift


    Sam Simon, the writer and producer who played a huge role in creating the absolutely legendary show “The Simpsons” passed away at the age of 59 this week. Simon was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in February of 2013. He passed peaceful at his home. Not only did he leave behind thousands of laughs through his […]

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