• Proof That The Human Body Is A Projection Of Consciousness

    In this article we will explore how your body is a holographic projection of your consciousness, and how you directly influence that hologram and thus have complete control over the physical health of your body. We will also specifically explore the exact mechanism behind this principle, and don’t worry, I will provide scientific evidence so let your […]

  • Do Humans Have The Ability To Sense the Future? These Experiments Say Yes!

    Daily Grail | Can we sense the future before it happens? That question was at the heart of a set of nine experiments that sparked widespread controversy and debate when Professor Daryl Bem published his results in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology in 2011. The reason: Bem’s results were positive, suggesting that we can in some way […]

  • Are Children Remembering Their Past Lives?

    Kirsten – Spirit Science | Are more children remembering past life experiences?  Psychologists, historians and researchers have become increasingly more open to this possibility recently because of the large amount of verifiable evidence being presented. Parents all over have been confused and concerned about their children because of the things they are saying and remembering. […]

  • Working With Your Chakras

    Denise Yamaoka – Spirt Science | ‘Chakra’ is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel, or vortex, and it refers to each of the seven main energy centers of which our consciousness, our energy system, is composed. What Is a Chakra? These chakras, or energy centers, function as pumps or valves, regulating the flow of energy through our […]

  • A Neuroscientist Explains How Meditation Changes Your Brain

    Do you struggle, like me, with monkey-mind? Is your brain also a little unsettled, restless, capricious, whimsical, fanciful, inconstant, confused, indecisive, or uncontrollable? That’s the definition of “monkey mind” I’ve been given! If you need more motivation to take up this transformative practice, neuroscience research has shown that meditation and mindfulness training can cause neuroplastic changes […]

  • One Dog Waited Outside His Owner’s Hospital For 8 Days. Wait Until You See Their Reunion

    Distractify | Lauri da Costa of Passo Fundo, Brazil is a homeless man who was hospitalized after being hit in the face with a rock. As it turns out, his injury might have been a blessing in disguise; while his doctors were working to heal his wound, they discovered melanoma on his face that had […]

  • You’d Think They’d Want To Kill Each Other, But This Bear And Wolf Are Actually Best Friends

    Distractify | Photographer Lassi Rautiainen stumbled upon the most heartwarming–and unlikely–of friendships in the woods of Finland. It seems impossible, but this bear and wolf are best friends! Lassi found this twosome and was shocked to find that they weren’t fighting. In fact, they actually seemed to be friends. Every night they would meet up and […]

  • This Guy Creates What Seems Like A Meaningless Mess. Until You Shine A Light On It.

    Viral Nova | Greek artist Teodosio Sectio Aurea excels at creating beautiful sculptures… but you won’t be able to see them at first glance. It takes a unique angle, light and moment to see the beautiful images he creates. That’s why it is so awesome; his art isn’t apparent. To the passer by, it might look like this […]

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