• Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Bans Tesla Motors From Selling Cars In Michigan


    Michigan’s Republican governor, Rick Snyder, signed a bill on Tuesday that will keep Tesla Motors, the electric car maker, from selling cars directly to customers in the state. The law simply clarifies that no car manufacturers can directly sell in the state; all cars must be sold through franchised retailers. No big deal, right? Well, […]

  • 1 Million Pounds Of Food On 3 Acres? It Can Be Done!


    Meet Will Allen. Will, of the organization Growing Power, has designed an incredible aquaponics growing system that covers a 3 acre farm and produces a simply massive amount of food. 1 million pounds of food every year! Could you imagine making that much food in your yard? It goes to show how abundant food could […]

  • This Man Tried To Give A Panda Some Medicine. The Results Are Hilarious


    Here’s something that will bring a smile to your face. This zookeeper needed to give some medicine to two young pandas, but the pandas had something else in mind. The pandas are about as difficult as toddlers, crawling all over the poor zookeeper, trying to play, and just not being cooperative in general. The giant […]

  • DIY Backyard Aquapanics Allow You To Farm Vegetables And Fish


    Rob Torcellini became something of an accidental backyard aquaponic gardener. He bought a $700 greenhouse kit so he could grow more vegetables in his yard and extend his growing season. Then he added fish to the system to get rid of a mosquito he was having issues with. And then suddenly, he had a fully […]

  • This Small, Silent Rooftop Wind Turbine Could Provide Your Family With Off-Grid Energy


    More and more, folks look around at their world and society and feel like things are going wrong. We’re digging up fossil fuels to power our homes, all the while changing the composition of our atmosphere and destroying the environment; not to mention it’s getting more and more expensive! A dutch company called The Archimedes […]

  • This Awesome Juice Will Help You Beat Anemia


    This beverage is pretty simple. With the effect of helping whoever has anemia. Or if you just like making juices for the fun of it and being healthy as the next guy. This drink comes with some pretty awesome bonuses aside from helping those with anemia. Better safe than sorry, right? Here’s what you’ll need: […]

  • All The Way – A Poem By Charles Bukowski Meant To Inspire


    This beautiful video was made in tribute of Charles Bukowski’s wonderful poem, “Roll The Dice.” If you aren’t in the mood to watch, feel free to read the poem before. “Roll The Dice” by Charles Bukowski if you’re going to try, go all the way. otherwise, don’t even start. this could mean losing girlfriends, wives, […]

  • If You Suffer Gallstones, This Is The Juice For You


    So this juice in particular is suppose to help with any gallbladder stones that you may want to get rid of. I’m guessing no one really wants gallbladder stones to begin with so may as well give this celery beverage a try. Aside from helping with your gallbladder, this drink has some pretty awesome healthy […]

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