• You Can Vote With Your Dollar, But You Can’t Shop Your Way To A Better Economy


    Stacy Mitchell has an important message for us: you can’t shop your way to a better economy. Mitchell is a researcher and writer at the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, which is a national not for profit organization that challenges corporate consolidation of the economy. ILSR initiatives also nurture community-scale enterprises. They’re a good group to […]

  • AHH! Feeling Stressed Out? Try This Stress Relieving Tomato Juice. It’s Better Than V8!


    This juice contains high levels of potassium and phosphorous, making it a kickass juice for relieving stress, tiredness, muscle weakness, fatigue, and can help prevent muscle spasms and cramps. In addition to helping melt away the stress, this juice is full of antioxidants, particularly Luteolin, vitamin C, betacarotene, and selenium. This juice is also good […]

  • Forgiving The Unforgivable – Taught By The Father Of A Murder Victim


    Gary Ridgway, or the Green River Killer, is an American serial killer who was initially convicted of 48 murders, but admitted to almost twice as many. He murdered numerous women and girls through the 1980’s and 1990’s. Most of them were prostitutes. The father of one of the girls murdered by Ridgway had a different […]

  • This Brings Real Meaning To ‘One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure’

    drip watering

    Lorna from Uganda is going to show you how a plastic bottle is way more than annoying garbage or unsightly litter at the side of the road. What we would throw away, she uses for a variety of different things; from drip irrigation to lighting. Uganda isn’t a rich place, but Lorna still has a […]

  • Wait, You Can Make A Car Out Of Hemp? Awesome!


    Jeez, you can build a lot of things out of hemp, can’t you? We reported last week that a Canadian manufacturing company would be making a 75% hemp airplane for a Florida aviation company, and now this. Incredible! Hemp is an easy to grow, cheap, and environmentally sound and sustainable building material. You can make […]

  • A Quick 2 Minute Meditation For A Midday Reboot


    I enjoy taking a few minutes out of the middle of the day to sit in a quiet, calm place and meditate. Even if it’s just for a few minutes, it can help relieve stress. This two minute meditation, lead by Osho, leads us through a refreshing and enlightening 2 minute meditation. A little bit […]

  • Can You Heal Yourself With Positive Thinking? It’s Possibe…With The Right Attitude


    Dr. Mercola talks with Bruce Lipton explaining Epigenetics, or how your thoughts and the thoughts of people around you can influence your health and state of mind. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Have you ever noticed how a couple nasty thoughts can really ruin a day for you? Or how the negativity of someone around […]

  • The Key To Understanding Rock Art May Be Hallucinogenic Plants

    Dripping Springs 3-2009017

    Recently, several dozen rock art sites have been documented in Southern New Mexico, and the discovery of this rock art comes with a botanical discovery as well: These rock art sites are also home to hallucinogenic plants. At one site, wild tobacco, which is a highly hallucinogenic plant, was found growing beneath a panel of […]

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