• Guys: Should You Cat Call Her? This Flowchart Will Help.

    Italian Cat Call 650x400

    I’ll admit, there are some times I need help with not being an idiot. This flow chart is going to be helpful for a whole lot of guys out there that may not realize that cat calling random women is a pretty shitty thing to do. So, are you considering cat calling that beautiful lady […]

  • Ten Weird Body Parts That Are Totally Useless But We Have For Some Reason.


    Did you know that we used to have a third eyelid? Or that some people have a fold on their ear that is the remnant of a ligament that allowed us to move our ears in different directions? Evolution is a funny thing. There are lots of organs and body parts that we have but […]

  • These Incredible Facts Will Blow You Away.


    Okay, I won’t spoil the video, but it’s safe to say that these totally true facts are going to blow you away. Some of them definitely surprised me! Particularly the one about the beer. I love learning new things. And now you’ll have some awesome facts to throw out there next time you’re at a […]

  • After Seeing This You’ll Never Want Another Reese’s Again!


    Besides the chance of finding a living surprise within your food, here’s why you should avoid Reese’s: According to the Hershey Company’s official website, traditional Reese’s cups are made of: MILK CHOCOLATE (SUGAR; COCOA BUTTER; CHOCOLATE; NONFAT MILK; MILK FAT; LACTOSE; SOY LECITHIN; PGPR, EMULSIFIER); PEANUTS; SUGAR; DEXTROSE; SALT; TBHQ (PRESERVATIVE) Sugar: a.k.a. GMO Sugar Beets. Hershey […]

  • “You’re Tired Of Hearing About It? Imagine How F*cking Exhausting It Is Living It.”


    I’m a fan of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He’s a funny guy with a lot to say. But once in a while, his satirical observations take on a culture-piercing tone, and his Race/Off segment is definitely one of those. The desperation to classify the anger of the African American community as trivial blather […]

  • Photo Of The Day: The Tinkerbell Triplet


      This fairy-like apparition deep in space is called, ESO 593-IG 008, or the Tinkerbell Triplet. This galactic formation is what happens when three galaxies are pulled together in one colossal gravitational merger. This massive collision doesn’t mean the end of business. This trio of galaxies is still violently producing 200 solar masses a year. The “head” […]

  • This Is How Not To React To Mental Illness. Ever.


    Mental illness is a sensitive subject for the people who suffer it and the family and friends effected by it. There’s definitely a right and wrong way to communicate with people about their mental illness. Click here to read more on the right way. Tumblr user Pyrrhic-Recovery put together this awesome guide on what not to do. […]

  • Wow! It Turns Out You Can Grow A Lot Of Food On Just 1 Acre.

    Cattle stockyard. Mendota, California.

    If you plan it properly. Nearly 20% of the Earth’s rainforest has been destroyed for cattle ranching. The ever increasing cost of beef has led to a devastating environmental and human toll worldwide. There’s plenty of room for debate about whether or not vegetarian lifestyles are healthy for everyone, but it’s this writer’s belief that […]

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