• Why This Electrical Engineer Quit His Job To Plant Forests


    I’m always endlessly amazed by and inspired by people who have been able to walk away from their ‘real jobs’ to pursue what they know to be right. This incredible TED Talk by industrial engineer Shubhendu Sharma is as inspiring as it gets. He quit his job at Toyota to plant mini forests that are […]

  • 4 Serious Diseases That Are Caused By Eating Too Much Processed Meat


    It’s no secret that Americans eat too much meat. In fact, we eat 150% of the maximum recommended daily amount. I think an argument can be made to cut back on the meats right off the bat, but also, it’s important to know that processed meats aren’t good for you at all. Just about every […]

  • Alan Watts And Terence McKenna On Global Unity


    When you look at the big picture, we seem like a raging, violent, senseless species, don’t we? New wars breaking out of resources, money and land everywhere you look. Even bombs going off intended to hurt people that are hardly any different than the bombers. But when you hit the sidewalk and ask around, you […]

  • Watch: What’s The Number One Cancer-Fighting Vegetable? You Might Be Surprised


    Some 25% of Americans will get cancer at some point in their lives, and many will only live a few years from their diagnosis, if that. The importance of preventing cancer is equal to that of treating it. “Let food be thy medicine,” perfectly sums up my attitude toward preventative healthcare. Eating right and exercising […]

  • Beautiful: The 10 Commandments Of The Native Americans


    We all know the Judeo-Christian commandments, but have you ever heard of the Native American ten commandments? This is a video worth plenty of attention and really sends a great message full of love and blessings. There are the ten: Treat the Earth and all that dwells therein with respect. Remain close to the Great […]

  • An Airplane Made Of Hemp? This Canadian Company Is Making It A Reality


    Earlier today, I remarked to a friend of mine that if it’s something you make, you can probably make it out of hemp. I wasn’t thinking airplanes, but as it turns out, Ontario-based company Hempearth has signed a contract with Velocity Inc., a Florida-based plane manufacturer to build the world’s first airplane made of hemp. […]

  • Heal Your Gut With This Amazing Superfood Juice


    This is a simple juice recipe that everyone should try at least once. As we wrote earlier, gut health issues are becoming more and more common in the United States due to poor diet and sedentary lifestyle. We look to juice to help give us the vitamins and nutrients our bodies require in order to […]

  • We All Know Marijuana Is Illegal (In Most Places), But Why?


    Marijuana. It makes you feel good for a little while, gives you cotton mouth sometimes, makes music sound so much better, and now, 38% of Americans have tried it. That number hasn’t gone up with all the recent legalization too. So if so many people try marijuana, and plenty of people actively use it, why […]

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