• 4 Giant Craters Found In Siberia After Flash Of Light


    Scientists in Siberia have discovered four new craters in the Yamal Peninsula, one of which was discovered shortly after locals reported a giant flash of light. These craters quickly filled with snow and water and are now lakes. One of the newly discovered craters is surrounded by 20 smaller ones. It’s possible that new holes […]

  • Catholic Priest Says Yoga Is The Gateway To “Kingdom Of Darkness”

    According to Father Roland Colhoun, practicing yoga is tatamount to Satanism and that the popular exercise and form of meditation will lead you directly into hell. Not only that, but Yogis communicate with “Satan and the fallen angels” during their practices. According to the Father: “When you take up those practices from other cultures, which […]

  • 5 Tips For Awakening Your Inner Spirit

    In the mind there is a seed that was planted at birth. That seed is our spirit. Or at least that’s what I think of it. In our lives, we can decide to nurture the seed and help it grow in a strong, robust spirit, or leave it in its unsprouted form. It is entirely […]

  • 3 Buddhist Teachings That Will Make Your Life A Happier One

    Buddhism has a lot to offer the world, and unlike many other religions, if you aren’t Buddhist, that’s okay with Buddhism. It’s not here to be dogmatic, but to help people grow and develop themselves. These are 3 Buddhist teachings that can make your life better. 1. Anitya – Impermanence. We aren’t permanent. Nor is […]

  • 5 Ways To Live Life To The Fullest

    I’ve noticed the older I get, the faster the days, months and years seem to fly by. It all seems like a blur! So I’ve been thinking about ways to slow down my days and make each one fuller, and this is what I’ve come up with. 1. Take back your mornings. Wake, coffee, work, […]

  • Breathtaking Photos Of People Who Have Ditched Civilization For Life In The Wild


    Once in a while, we come across something so beautiful and amazing that it compels us to rethink our entire lives. This is one of those stories for us. Photographer Antoine Bruy traveled to and lived with off-grid families for a total of 3 years, during which time he captured some of the most amazing photos […]

  • 15 Signs You’ve Become A Spiritually Healthy Person

    Spirituality isn’t something you read in a book and then adopt. It takes a lot of soul searching and time getting to know yourself. What are the 15 signs that you’ve become a spiritually healthy person? 1. You no longer play the victim and instead design your destiny. 2. You love life because you’re living […]

  • 5 Lessons To Take Away From Past Failed Relationships

    It can be hard to get over the pain of a failed relationship, especially if it was a long and generally happy one. But those feelings of sorrow can give way to great wisdom. These are 5 lessons you can take away from your failed relationships. 1. It’s important to let go. It can be […]

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