• Love Someone With OCD? Here are 7 Things To Remember


    People who have obsessive compulsive disorder know too well how much of a struggle it can be. It’s hard, stressful, and most importantly, it’s uncontrollable. As much as we want to be under control of the disorder, you really can’t be. 1. They don’t want immediate negative criticisms or comments. People with obsessive compulsive disorder […]

  • 5 Ways To Kick The Clutter Out Of Your Life


    The average home build in 2014 was 2,600 square feet – an all time high. In my experience, big homes lead to big everything else. Big mortgages, big utility bills, and a big pile of clutter. When you have a big house, it’s easy to fill it with clutter. So we can we do to […]

  • This 98 Year Old Man Was Diagnosed With Incurable Lung Cancer & Still Outlived His Doctors


    Stamatis Moraitis, a native of Greece living in the United States, was given some life-changing news: he had lung cancer. At the time, he was in his mid sixties and things weren’t looking food for him. But now 25 years after his diagnosis, Moraitis is still going strong as a vibrant, lively 98 year old […]

  • 20 Mind Bending Optical Illusions


    Artist Rob Gonsalves was born in Toronto, Canada in 1959. During his childhood, he developed an interest in drawing from imagination using various media. By the time he was twelve, his awareness of architecture grew as he learned perspective techniques and began to do his first paintings and renderings of imagined buildings. Gonsalves worked full time as […]

  • Single Dose Of “Magic” Mushrooms May Improve Personality Permanently

    A new study conducted by Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions has found that single high doses of psilocybin, the active psychedelic compound in mushrooms, may bring on a positive personality change lasting at least a year in 60% of people. Among the lasting changes were trains related to feelings, abstract ideas, open mindedness, aesthetics, and imagination. Changes […]

  • 7 Things I Learned From A Year Without Alcohol

    Kelly Fitzgerald is like a lot of people; living a busy and social lifestyle. However, that all changed on May 6th, 2013 when she decided to take her last drink of alcohol. She made an extremely brave move and decided to go sober. It’s been over a year now since she took her last drink, […]

  • Ditch The Toxic Energy Drinks & Try These 8 Natural Energy Boosters

    When you’re too tired or at wits end, you might find yourself reaching for some java or a gross energy drink. Instead, you might want to try one (or all!) if these eight awesome natural energy boosters. 1. Maca Maca is a root found in the rainforest and is known for its ability to stimulate […]

  • There Is Still No Scientific Consensus On The Safety, Usefulness Of GMOs.


    According to a statement released by the European Network of Scientists for Social and Environmental Responsibility, there is still largely no scientific consensus on GMOs. In their statement, they very strongly reject the idea claimed by GM seed developers and a select few scientists and commentators that there is a scientific consensus of any kind […]

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