• The Key To Fighting Depression Has Been Under Our Noses This Whole Time

    Spiritual leaders contend that burning incense is good for your spirit and uplifting for your soul. Researchers have discovered that it’s also good for your brain too! A team of scientists from Johns Hopkins University and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem have found that burning frankincense activates ion channels in the brain and alleviates depression […]

  • 3 Lies Everyone Needs To Stop Telling Themselves

    We lie to ourselves. Each of us does it. We lie to ourselves to make us more comfortable. We lie to ourselves to make our lives feel more manageable. Eventually, we need to discard those lies and face our hard truths. These are the 3 lies we all need to stop telling ourselves in order […]

  • These Impressive Surfboard Designs Were Inspired By Classical 15th-Century European Artwork


    Boom-art, in partnership with UWL Surfboard, have just released an incredible series of limited-edition surfboards. The sets incorporate classical european art history into their design. They feature The Lady and The Unicorn and The Garden of Earthly Delight. The boards are hand made in France, using a polyester resin and hand crafter polyurethane foam. Only 10 […]

  • These Famous Classical Paintings Have Been Repainted Without Any Characters


    You will most likely recognize the paintings below, however, José Manuel Ballester has removed the people from the classical paintings. This Spanish artist has titled his series Hidden Spaces (Espacios Occultos) because he reveals hidden objects and spaces through the classical paintings. He uses a combination of classical art and modern technology in order to create his […]

  • This Elephant Stepped On A Land Mine. But Today, She Got A New Lease On Life


    Mosha the elephant stepped on a land mine in 2006 that completely destroyed her right front leg from the first joint down. The MaeYao National Reserve in Lampang, China has the distinction of having the world’s first elephant hospital, and they set to work finding a way to help this lovely elephant have a normal […]

  • 5 Things You Should Know Before Starting A Long-Distance Relationship

    I recently got out of a long-distance relationship. But it’s not what you think, we moved in together! Right now, our distance is about 10 feet. It was the first long distance relationship I’ve ever had, and there are some things I wish I’d known before I began. Do I regret it? No. But here […]

  • Meet Zeus, The Blind Owl With Starry Eyes You Have To See To Believe


    Meet Zeus, a blind Western Screech Owl with some pretty incredible eyes! They look a bit like a photo taken by Hubble. Zeus was found injured in Southern California after it flew into the wall of a house and hit its head. After a quick vet visit and a clean bill of health, the owl […]

  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Love Your Haters

    Some people kinda stink. They detract, criticize, and never leave you alone about your ideas and what you do. Some might even go as far as to hate you. That stinks! But you know why you should love your haters? 1. They’re probably just jealous of you. Some people deal with envy and jealousy better […]

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