• 10 Hobbies To Help You Become More Productive


    We all need hobbies. They help develop our tastes and passions and can be diverse. Anything from sky diving to writing to stand up comedy. If you’re looking to pick up a new hobby or to, check out this list of twenty hobbies to help you improve proficiency, productivity, and creativity. 1. Cooking Cooking is […]

  • Is It Possible That LSD Could Make You A Billionaire?


    “There was a case where I had been working on a problem for over a month. And I took LSD and I just realized, ‘Wait, the problem is in the hardware. It’s not a software issue at all.” That’s what Kevin Herbert had to say about his high on LSD. Herbert works for Cisco and […]

  • 5 Ways To Effectively Shrug Off Negative Thoughts


    Thinking about negative things can really keep you up at night. We’re not joking! It actually does. But recent research has been focusing in on how people can take control of their thoughts and cope with stress before it’s time to hit the sack. Here are 5 helpful tips to kicking those negative thoughts. 1. […]

  • A Single Dose Of “Magic” Mushrooms May Have Lasting Impacts On Personality


    A new study┬áconducted by Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions has found that single high doses of psilocybin, the active psychedelic compound in mushrooms, may bring on a personality change lasting at least a year in 60% of people. Among the lasting changes were trains related to feelings, abstract ideas, open mindedness, aesthetics, and imagination. Changes in […]

  • Here’s A Riddle: What Floats, Flies, Sinks, And Is Probably In Your Food?


    More and more, we’re hearing news that there’s tons of nasty business in our food. So here’s a riddle for you: what floats, flies and sinks and is probably in your food? Plastic. Or at least if you eat a lot of sea food. In this video, motion graphic artist Andreas Tanner uses his compelling […]

  • Protecting Your Brain Starts In An Awfully Strange Place


    Have you ever heard someone tell you to go with your gut when you’re trying to figure out a tough problem? New research may offer a scientific reason to go with your gut. The blood-brain barrier is something of a gatekeeper for the brain, protecting it from various toxins and allowing the entrance of nutrients […]

  • Scientists Say Make This One Change And You’ll Live A Longer, Healthy Life

    Older Couple Sitting Together at Beach

    Getting older is daunting, and I know no one wants to die young. Health problems can start to creep in, causing people to really try hard to keep their vitality in place. And fortunately, there are things we can do to slow the detrimental effects of aging. Scientists have found that one group seniors felt […]

  • 5 Proven Tricks To Help You Sleep Like A Baby


    Sleeping like a baby was a turn of phrase I never quite understood. So you wake up hungry and crying every 2 hours? You wake up everyone in the house every night just a bunch of times? Maybe saying you’ll sleep like a baby isn’t the right way to put it, but sleeping well is […]

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