• Drinking Soda Ages You As Quickly As Smoking Cigarettes


    I think it’s common knowledge that smoking is bad for you. It harms organs like your lungs, heart, kidneys and bladder, it makes your skin wrinkle and look unhealthy; just all around bad stuff. Smoking cigarettes ages you faster. But according to a new study published in the American Journal Of Public Health, drinking just […]

  • Michigan Couple Arrested For Keeping Backyard Chickens


    More and more it seems like big ag is calling the shots, even at the local level! Authorities in Tawas, Michigan arrested and jailed a man and woman for keeping chickens on their private property. The justification for the arrest was that the couple violated local laws regarding ‘junk and blight.’ But clearly, the real […]

  • Hispanic Man Delivers Ballots, Receives Death Threats


    Pictured above is Ben Marine, a volunteer for Citizens for a Better Arizona (CBA). One of the activities the CBA engages in is collecting absentee ballots and delivering them at polling stations. I was under the impression that this isn’t an uncommon practice. I know sometimes on election day, here in Colorado, volunteers go around […]

  • Tsu: The First Social Media Platform Where Users Own Their Content – And Get Paid For It

    Facebook has been having some trouble lately. Users are often frustrated by their frequent algorithm and user changes. People with large social media presences have seen their ability to reach their followers, much to their followers’ dismay, radically diminished. The the big question is: what will be the next Facebook? When I think about the […]

  • Be The Solution: Support This Crowdfunded Tidal Energy Plant.


    Here’s the deal. Technology changes so rapidly, but we create the energy we need to power that technology using 20th century power plants. Today’s power plants still burn things like coal and natural gas, while all other technologies quickly advance. In the 21st century, this is unacceptable. Click here to visit the IndieGoGo campaign for […]

  • It’s Become Incredibly Popular In Our Culture, But What Is Yoga?


    Some have called it a great way to get in shape. Others consider it a method of becoming one with the world. A few even think it’s a secret liberal plot to allow Satan into your body (or something.) But what is Yoga? In this video, Yogaservice.de talks with Shibrhashyam and Shubha, the children of […]

  • Learn How To Turn A Swimming Pool Into A Food-Bearing Oasis


    Perhaps even dumber than having a lawn in a desert is having a swimming pool in a desert. I’ve wondered in the past if future archaeologists would uncover ancient houses and discover these massive reservoirs of water. Would they think that the situation was so dire that we collected water in giant pools in our […]

  • Overfishing Is Ruining The Oceans. This Animated Video Will Show You Everything


    Overfishing is proving to be catastrophic for the ocean, for people; for the entire planet, really. In Africa, overfishing is leading to massive methane releases, which is an even more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, and causing bush animals to become endangered, as more people are hunting them in the absence of fish. Despite […]

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