• Clear Your Body Of Toxins By Drinking Just One Glass

    Here is an extremely simple drink that will help your body clean out all of the toxins it has accumulated. It will begin to take effect immediately after consumption! It will attack the toxins, destroying them, leaving you feeling fresh and replenished! It will also aid the digestive system, keeping you full of energy throughout […]

  • Try This Kale-Strawberry Smoothie That Kicks Poor Health And Cancer Right In The Ass.


    Some 25% of Americans will meet their end at the hands of cancer, and many many Americans are in poor health. I often recommend taking healthy foods in the form of smoothies or juice just because of how easy it is to prepare and how quickly you can consume it. So here we have a […]

  • Sen. Bernie Sanders Floats A 2016 Run For President.


    Senator Bernie Sanders (Independent-VT) is one of the few politicians I can I say I trust. I can’t say he’s the only one in Congress who “gets it” but he sure seems like the only one in Congress who gives a shit about the rest of us, not the big money interests. Could he ever […]

  • We Can “Green” The World’s Deserts And Reverse Climate Change For Good.


    Yeah, there’s some debate about what causes climate change, but you have to have some pretty thick blinders on to believe it simply doesn’t exist. Sure, it’s no fun to think that we, all humans, are just destroying the hell out of this planet, but it’s an irresponsible viewpoint to have in the face of […]

  • 10 Ways To Feel Good Naturally. No Drugs And No Medications.


    Life is tough sometimes. It can be hard to keep that smile on your face. But before you crack open a beer or ask the doc for a medication, consider some natural ways to feel good like eating well, exercising, giving a hug or checking out a dumb video on youtube. There’s no harm in […]

  • This Is One Presidential Quote I Think Everyone Can Agree On.


    There’s an odd obsession in the US to look to leaders of our distant past and think of them as infallible, and that their words and their ideals are to be forever cherished and lived by, no matter what the circumstance. For me, this is different. Roosevelt was right in saying that we need to […]

  • What Does “Fair Trade Certified” Mean And Why Does It Matter?


    Ahh, coffee. If you’re like me, you love a warm cup of coffee in the morning. But you’ve probably seen brands with the Fair Trade Certified label on the packaging, right? What does that mean? Why does it matter that coffee be fairly traded? When a coffee is Fair Trade Certified, it means that the […]

  • Photo Of The Day: The Dumbbell Nebula – A Look Into The Future.


    When we look into the night sky and see ourselves surrounded by stars, we’re actually looking into the past. The time it takes for the light to reach us can be immense. Most of the starlight we see is much older than we are. But when we look at Messier 27, or The Dumbbell Nebula, […]

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