• Will It Rot? That’s The question. A Tomato Vs. A Twinkie


    This video highlights just how gross some processed foods can be. AgileHProducts, a YouTube user with many different time lapse videos, decided to see if a twinkie would rot in the same way as a tomato. The results probably won’t shock you. After 25 days, the tomato is withered and rotten, while the twinkie is […]

  • Look Up Once In A While. It Could Change Your Life


    About two weeks ago while walking, I saw a young man walking directly into a sign. In most cases, it would be kind of funny. I recall vividly walking into a post at a movie theater once and getting a kick out of my inattention. But the reason he walked into the sign was because […]

  • If Your Life Flashed Before You, What Would You Change?


    We’ve all done things we regret. All of us would love to go back and change things about ourselves. But there is no time machine to take us backward, only the steady drum beat of the clock moving us forward, so if changes to our lifestyles happen, they happen today; right now. This is Jim. […]

  • What Happens To Your Body When You Quit Smoking?


    Everyone knows the danger of smoking, but many keep doing it. Most smokers find it more enjoyable than worrying about their health. But it is worth noting that there are physiological impacts within minutes of putting out your final cigarette. With any luck, this list will give a smoker or two motivation to quit. In […]

  • After Watching This, You’ll Probably Never Want Fast Food Fries Again


    Our food system has become a monstrous nightmare, and who would know better than Michael Pollan? Pollan is an author, activist, journalist, and professor of journalism at the University of California Berkeley Graduate Schol of Journalism. In this video, he analyzes how food coming off of farms is transformed into meals. He does an awesome […]

  • Need To Lower Your Cholesterol? This Is A Powerful Remedy Against “Bad” Cholesterol


    Garlic and lemon. These are two ingredients that are potent in the fight against heart disease and high cholesterol. They’re both efficient tools for lowering cholesterol levels and strengthening the walls of blood vessels, which reduces the likeliness of getting diseases like atherosclerosis. This is an old Russian homemade tincture that’s been used for centuries. […]

  • Portland’s Baby Formula Contains Pesticide-Resistant GMO Ingredients


    Here’s a fact that’ll make you think twice about your baby’s formula: some of the infant formula sold in Portland contains genetically modified soy modified to withstand intensive pesticide spraying. This was found during lab testing by the Center for Food Safety. The CFFS purchased the formula earlier this month and concluded that Similac Soy […]

  • Drinking Soda Ages You As Quickly As Smoking Cigarettes


    I think it’s common knowledge that smoking is bad for you. It harms organs like your lungs, heart, kidneys and bladder, it makes your skin wrinkle and look unhealthy; just all around bad stuff. Smoking cigarettes ages you faster. But according to a new study published in the American Journal Of Public Health, drinking just […]

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