• Why This Retired 20 Year Police Veteran Wants To Legalize ALL Drugs


    I stumbled upon this really excellent essay written by Lieutenant Commander Diane Goldstein. She has spent her entire professional life on the front lines of the “war on drugs” and can see through the facade into what it all really is. She penned this essay on Substance.com. Here’s part of it: I was a police […]

  • Watch: A Video Guide To The Benefits Of Tearing Up Your Lawn And Planting Food


    Grass is great, don’t get me wrong! Nice to sit on, maybe have a picnic, but at the end of the day, it’s an ecological disaster and an enormous waster of water. If you’re not going to go with the low water use method of xeriscaping, you’d might as well use that water for something […]

  • Incredible! A Dolphin Tangled In Fishing Line Asks Divers For Help


    Last year, on a nighttime swim with Manta rays off the coast of Hawaii, these divers came upon a bottlenose dolphin hat lingered around them and appeared not to be able to swim normally. Keller Laros, the diving instructor, recognized that the dolphin wasn’t just curious but was asking them for help. It was then […]

  • Haven’t Been Taking Care Of Your Body Lately? Try This Bladder Cleansing Juice!


    I love juicing fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s a great way to get that added infusion of nutrients if you don’t have the time or haven’t been eating enough vegetables.  Juicing simply extracts the juice from fruits and vegetables and spares you the trouble of having to eat and digest the full plant (though it’s […]

  • Wow! I’ve Never Seen The Stars Over The Grand Canyon Like This Before


    YIKÁÍSDÁHÁ from Sunchaser Pictures on Vimeo. Most of the shots you see in this video were captured at 25 second exposures on Gavin Heffernan’s Canon EOS 6D and Canon 5D mk3 with wide, fast lenses. The nights chosen to take these shots had almost no moon, which made these shots even more incredible and clear than […]

  • Investigation Shows Police Brutality Lawsuits Are Incredibly Costly


    The Baltimore Sun has done an investigation into how much money the city of Baltimore, aka the taxpayers of Baltimore, has had to pay out to police brutality lawsuits. Chief of Public Affairs for Baltimore Kaven Harris has responded to the investigation, saying these cases happened before the mayor started office. Like that even kind […]

  • Build An Underground Greenhouse For Year Round Gardening – It Costs Less Than $300!


    Greenhouses are absolutely awesome for year round gardening. Being a gardener in a colder climate (my growing season is mid-May to October) this is definitely a great idea to help extend my growing season and keep the fresh veggies flowing year round. By putting this greenhouse underground, you end up saving on materials too, which […]

  • How To Build A Beehive Shaped Wood Pile


    If you’re at all like me, you go through a few chords of wood in the winter time heating your home with a wood burning stove. I used to simply stack the wood along the fence, but I think I’m going to have to give this a try. It’s a great way to help slow […]

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